Gate Valve Servo

The Gate Valve Servo (GVS) is placed on  already installed (angled) gate valves commonly used in central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some oher countries). The hand wheel is removed and the GVS is placed on top of the valve stem instead. This allows remote control of the shut off valve using wireless commands. The wireless communication capabilities include several industry standards (LoRaWAN, Z-Wave, ULE) for easy integration into existing networks. The motor is powered by a 12 V external power supply or - optional – a battery block.

For more information such as data sheet or manuals please refer to our Download Section in the Support Area

The device will be available in late Spring of 2021.

Wireless Connectivity

The Gate Valve Servo can receive commands directly from Flood Sensors and from the Aqua-Scope controller or other  Smart Home System Gateways. The Z-Wave version implements the most recent protocol Z-Wave Plus V2. The Lora version supports both the standardized LoRaWAN in Class B/C and a proprietary extension to communicate locally with battery operated actuators such as motor servos.


 KVSLWE: Gate Valve Servo  with Lora wireless communication

 KVSULE: Gate Valve Servo with ULE wireless communication (on request)

 KVSZWE: Gate Valve Servo with Z-Wave wireless communication